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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Biological Sciences
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Rudy Boonstra

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LECTURE 6 October 16, 2007 Paleoclimatology: Kenneth Boulding (1973) aptly describes the challenge we face (Quote). Exam It will be in this class. I will be here and so will Brendan. A number of you have to write early so remind me next week, you will start at 8:00 and the rest of you will start at 9:00. Bring your I.D. I updated this lecture and I also put another article on there which will not be on the exam. It is an inspiration story which is a Nobel Prize Winner, about Kapichi, who was an Italian child. His life story is an inspiration to anyone especially anyone that is from an immigrant family. His mother is a Bohemian and had been through many things including WWII. This child was on the streets during the war and he survived. He is on the streets trying to survive and stealing to live and eventually the police catch him and he goes into a hospital till he is 9 years old. They only feed him bread and coffee and when the war ends his mom find him and they move to the U.S. He eventually makes it to Harvard. You dont have to read it if you dont want to but it was in the Time Magazine this morning. This lecture will be on the exam. We will do a rapid snapshot of the worlds weather history up until now. 4.5 billion years is a long time. I wont do much of the geology but how it interacts with the worlds atmosphere. You can see where most things are occurring, how the atmosphere is formed, and how rapidly it can change. I gave you information about the earth 4.6 billion years ago. 4 or 5 generation star, 13.7 billion years ago and we know that because of the heavy elements. These elements are critical and they come from Supernova. The moon is absolutely critical for stabilizing the earth. I told you about a book by Bill Bryson and he talks about how special the earth is. The moon stabilizes the tilt and the rotation. That is one thing. We are the exact right distance from the sun and we have this blocker behind us which is Jupiter which takes a lot of the hits. Chewmaker Levy (a comet) was interested in a comet that was going to hit Jupiter but didnt realize the force and they thought it would absorb it but it didnt. We are not however protected all the time. The sun is more intense than 4.6 billion years ago and that is a problem. How do we protect the place? It was dimmer then and hence the earth was colder unless we have the right gases. BGYC58H3F.October,16, 2007 LECTURE 6 1
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