Lecture 2, 2010

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Biological Sciences
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Herbert Kronzucker

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Lecture 2Tardy gradeMoss piglets water bearsUnusual for species to be spread out on different habitatsdifficult to categorize taxonomicallyArthropoda largest insectsArthropodas are related to Omnychophora velvet wormsonly phytlum of animals that have representative species on landONLY teerestial animals velvet worms endemic of terrestial speciesThere are phylums that have ONLY water species and not terrestialPanarthropoda1artheropoda2omnychophora3tardygrades closesly related but distinct enough to be separated into different phylums70 of species are arthropodasTardy grade tardy grades are all over the placevaried habitatsmost radiation tolerant most pressure tolerantmost tolerant with temperaure changescan travel in spaceFor ever 10m vertically down in waterto 1atm of pressure4000m 400x atm pressureonly organism that can survive this pressure in their divesMariyana strengthCellular level how do the enzymes functionTemperature changesin the water its 34 degrees CelsiusPressure is huge difference Well protected through DNA mutation protectionCryotobiosis in tardigradesActive stateAnhydrobiosisDessication can ho without water for 10 yers after ten years then can resassume if water is vailable
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