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Chmb41 Lec 1 th Organic chem 6 edition by paula bruice – Register iclicker. Used utorid not student # here. Online homework – register. Access code – PSSABO-CRISS-SULCI-MEWED-PRATO-WISES Use student # here instead. To get to the right course, you need the course code – 4033. First homework assignment is not graded. Lab starts sept 19. 4hrs lab! Do pre-lab, get lab manual, review on distillation! Every Tuesday/fridays, there’s lab skills seminar. Fridays 3-4. Sw-221 – mon-thurs – 10-4 – tutors for chem. They thought organic compounds only came from living organisms. However they later found out they were able to synthesize urea. So it’s actually possible to create organic compounds in a lab. Left side of the periodic table, has more metallic properties and tend to lose electronics and form positives charged ions when they bond or create bonds with other elements. Right side elements are more non-metallic and tend to gain electrons and form negatively charged ions. However, carbon is in the middle will have to either lose 4 electrons or gain 4 electrons, so that’s too much energy. So instead it shares its 4 electrons, so you can have a simple molecule like methane or a huge long chain like DNA. Lec 2 BH3 is trigonal planar. The rest are trigonal parameter (tetrahedral). Valence bond theory: 1s atomic orbitals when bonding come together, they will overlap. The sharing of the electron is a sigma atom. Though they’re sharing, the orbitals are still theirs. In molecular orbital theory, the atomic orbita
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