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John Glover

Chapter 9  Monosaccharides are the simplist carbohydrates  Serve as fuels  Monosaccarides are aldehydes or keetones that have two or more hydroxyl groups  Ketose contain a keto group  Aldose contin an aldehyde group  Constitutional isomers- identical molecular formulas but differ in how the atoms are ordered  Sterioisomers- differ in spatial arrangment (3d space)  Enantiomers- mirror images of eachother  Diasteroismers- isomers that are not mirror images  Epimers- differ at one of the several asymmetric carbon atomes  Anomers- isomers that differ at a new asmmetric carbon atom formed on ring closure  Chemical basis for ring formation is that an aldehyde can react with an alcohol ro form a hemiacetal  A six membered ring is called pyranose  A ketone can react with an alcohol to for a hemiketal  A five membered ring is called a furanose  means that the hydroxyl group attached to C-1 is below the plan of the ring and meand tht it is above sugars that  sugars that react are called reducing sugars and those that do no are called nonreducing sugars  Monosaccarides are joined to alcohols and amines t
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