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Lecture 5

CITC08H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Business Ethics, Budget Of The European Union, Active Listening

City Studies
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Anne Gloger

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Facilitation (David)
Abundant Community
- safe and secure
- good environment
- jobs
4 Characteristic
- attending meeting
- excercise of power
- show hospitality
- recognize grow out of community
- skills
- knowledge
- leadership
- human resources
Leadership Skills
- active listening
- decisive
Residents have expertise
- how voices of residents are important
- Calvin is a community development expert
Activity - Describe the person from the description
Answer three questions
- WHat does your character want?
- What assets does he/she bring?
- How could assets be used to create win/win?
- children to have a future/hope
- place in the community
- give them something to do
- a safe place to stay
- good at budgeting
- sells vegetable
- is a provider
- knowledge of community
- connections
- respect
- nurture/ mother figure
- solid authentic skills (does not matter with education for community development)
- connect community
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