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University of Toronto Scarborough
City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

CITB01Lecture 2January 16 12 Torontos waterfront Regent park Sherbourne Bike Lane Upgrades Building a mall Construction of a road As long as it take cares of one of the 5 main side rolesLast week What it is when we plan Definition of planning We plan events over a span of time we need to be committed develop a definition of urban developmentLectures Overview Trying to understand urban development from the history Part 1 Historical development Canada was populated before European settlers came in but settlements remained small among the aboriginals Hudsons Bay Company fur was the main dominant and made Canada what it is today Back then any kind of economic development was discard Colonial trading was used to extract resources that could help the European settlers Fur trade did not require much labour power Natives were used as guides to something that was called hingerland a plain piece of land Canadas population overall remained small in comparison with USA Famous theory by Harold Innis called Staples Theory we can develop Canada based on natural resources Competition with the motherland Canada was conolized mainly for the extraction of fur Ships used to carry fur were also small so could not bring back many immigrants
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