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CLAA06H3 Lecture Notes - Bridle, Rhadamanthus, Homeric Hymns

Classical Studies
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Vichi Ciocani

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Athena, Parthenos - creates clothing, defends cities, creates ships, the bridle, pottery
Virgins associated with making clothing
Making threads from wool, weaving
Myth of Arachne
- Arachne, maiden that was skillful at weaving
- boasted that she's better than Athena herself (hubris)
- Athena disguised herself as an old woman (Minerva) and tried to teach Arachne how
to weave a different way
- Athena made tapestry about herself, Arachne made tapestry about love affairs of gods
and humans
- Arachne's was favored by people who were watching, angered Athena
- Athena turned Arachne into a spider
- goddess of agriculture
- Demeter's daughter Persephone (father Zeus)
- earth opens in front of Persephone while she's playing, Hades takes her to underworld
- Demeter looks for her daughter all over the world
- asks Persophone if she ate anything in the underworld
- ate Pomegranate (type of apple), therefore she can't fully come back to Demeter
- final decision of Zeus: 1/3 in underworld, 2/3 on earth
- Persophone/Kore becomes Queen of Underworld
- Demeter and Persephone have a cult at Eleusis in Attica (Eleusinian mysteries)
- Myo - to keep mouth shut
- mysteries are rituals in which participants reenact the myth
Dionysus (god of wine, Roman Bacchus/Liber)
- new and foreign god, coming from the east
- god of fertility and vegetation
- god of wine, grapes, and symposia (drinking parties)
- you can see the character of a man when he is drunk
- wine -> truth
- Spartans did not like symposia
- made slaves get drunk to laugh at; discourage drinking
- god of drama
- first tragedies (dramatic acts) in history were always accompanied by masks
- tied with the Athenian festival of Dionysus (Dionysia)
- few days of dramas (tragedies)
- would act as director (3 tragedies of myth (sad), 1 humorous)
- Dionysus's birth
- twice born son or the god of Nysa (unidentified mountain)
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