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CLAC11H3 Lecture Notes - Plautus, Vates, Otium

Classical Studies
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Emilia Barbeiro

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Roman comedy
Next class: games of venus: tobalus, sherpisa : tebulis : end of book
Romans comedy
Medival period
Rome was in touch with hellenic culture
Magna graecia: greater Greece :
Roman are in contact with greek culture and art before they got in touch with them ( 3rd century bc)
Before 240 bc : there were poems but oral : song culture : associated with religion, traces remain in
early roman literature
The native land word for poet : vates : latinpoets use including Horace :
Textual literature : applies to meter, genre, 240 bc. Livy : translates a greek play into latin, odyssey :
first translatin : and livy is greek
Difference of exception of literature in greek and rome : Greece:
o Rome: conscious modeling on previous texts, more delifbaetate and amore consice form the
very beginning
The majority of what we have is mostly drama:
Early greek poets translate greek tragedy : for entertainement
Fragment ofs roman tragedy survive :
COMEDY: translation survived but models did not
o Papiyr: papyrus : first evidence of greek comedy
Social context and function of roman comedy
o Perfroemd at civic religious festivals: leude( plural)
o Ludi ; occurred thorugh out calendar year:
o Scaenici: stage : seen
o Comedy performed all translation : fabula palliate ( story in greek dress : greek story
All the chracters are Greece,but
speaking in latrin
o Middle republican period:
o Satrnalian inversion: eric seagul:
o Technical detaila; plays near temples: there was no permanent theatre until 55 bc. ( late
republican period) were constructed temporarily then taken down
Theatre: encouraged idealness, sloth and satruanal inversion : we don’t have to do
what we have to do
Rome pays for the Performance: builts the theatre
Audience was disputed: evidence for repreformance : game lasted 4 days: so the
audience could be much greater :
Audience represented : women, slaves,
o Music is incorporates in to the plays : produces played were performend : (wateched and
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