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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

Lecture 8 Hellenistic world con’td: Rome and the Punic Wars nd Final exam: 2 parts, information, dates and names ,multiple choice, 2 part: analytic questions, spot trends, cross lectures and themes,  Master Narratives  Hellenistic Era 323-32 BCe( Death of Alexander the Great, to the battle of Actium  Language of Eurgetism o Hellenization  Hellenistic art o Realism , grotesque o The slender muse  Callumachus ( ca. 300-240 BCe  Pyrrhus of Epirus in Italy and Sicily o Heraclea (280) Appius Claudius Cauecus, ausculum 279, maleventum 275  First punic war: 264-241BCE  Secound Punic war : 218-201  Third punic war : 149 -146 The master narratives  Narrative sits outside of what you think you are focusing on ; guides the way you think the evidence fits together The language of Eurgetism : period of decline: greek who used language, etc were not greeks and seen as decline in greek culture  Impt: rule of being greek : law, gym,  Letter of Eumenes II to tyriaion (ca. 190BCe  Exchange of good will  Hellenization and the gymnasium  Personal monarchy  Loyalty and quid pro quo  Exchange of good will masks the power imbalance  Competition  Exchange of good will is the only language they know even after a break Letter of phillip V to Larisa (214 BCe) The Behitsun Inscription : Hellenistic grotesque  Realized, not perfect people, they are not c
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