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Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

Lecture 10/11 The Julio- Claudian Dynasty and the high empire  Augustas27 BCe-14 CE  Livy 59 BCe -17ce  Vergil 70-19 BCE  Horace 65-8 BCe  Ovid 42 Bce -17 ce exiled in 8 ce  Tiberius 14-37 Ce  Caligula 37-41  Claudius 41-54  Nero 54-68 Rome and Judea  Pompey captures Jerusalem 63 ce  Reign of herod the great 40-4 BCE  Judea formally annexed 6 Ce o Pontius pilate “ prefect 27-36 CE o Crucificion:30 o First jweish revolt:66-70 o Bar Kochba revolt Octavian  Nephew of Julius ceaser adopted as son and heir in 44 ce The augustab principate  Princeps senatus: chief man of  Autoritas and religious authority : 12bc become chief priest and member of priet colleges o He is accepted as sons of god, o Reorgainise the roman tax revenue,  Control of the fiscus  Cultural change  Moral reforms: centered on family life: they kind of had laws against adultery; a crime against the state; he believed roman family ; should have at least 3 children;  Livy: become a tutor of future emperor Claudius o Laws against adultery  Julia exhiled in 2 bce o Lus triu liberorum  Augustan literature o Virgil , Horace , lily ovid  I found rome a city of bricks and I leftit cover in marble. Vergil, Aeneid  Pius Aeneas: he is convinced to leave: to find rome, o Rome greatest hero; pius  Dity : to family, to state and to the Horace, Odes  Live life well in the new order: carp e dium : everyday is a treasure Augustan cs. Republican portraits: idealism and realism:  Realism: showing a lot of detail; old age with a augustave: makes the idealism come back to portrait  Not wearing shoes: augustas wearing cloths and not wearing shoes; symbolism of being of a god(gods don’t wear cloths) The forum of augustas  I made rome the capital of the world: massive building project  God of mars; fought civil war : built the building Aufustan Art: The ara Pacis  Senatevotes to build an alter of peace in honor of augustas for fighting two wars  Voted in13 Bce, dedicated in 9 bce  Sacrificing in the site of rome: household god that Aenis brought from troy: Roman Religion : Key ideas
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