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Classical Studies
Jonathan Ferguson

CLASSICALSTUDIESWEEK ONE INTRODUCTIONMesopotamia land between two riversThe fertile crescent part of world where there was right conditions for crops and livestock Originated in this spotBetween Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Both rivers flood which brought good soil States organized canal digging which started process of civilization of Mesopotamia before EgyptThey were earlier in civilization because they had to control the floods where as the Nile River helped Egypt on its ownZiggurat at Ur was a temple Top part now disappearedCuneiform Latin for webcone shaped Pressed into clay to write on tablet Later wrote on stoneglazed brickEgyptThe NileEgypt is the gift of the river because it enables people to live thereStarts in two places White Nile is in Africa Blue Nile is in EthiopiaLongest river in the worldBreaks into delta triangle then becomes many rivers canalsUpper and lower Egypt upper at bottom lower on top Hieroglyphic writing on PapyrusBook of the Dead Feather of truth symbol of goddess MahatW2 Mesopotamian Mythology Geography and History The enquiry into the past of people in society through the medium of written sourcesHistoryDating the PastUse Common Era dating system todayoBC before Christ and AD Anno DominioBCE before the Common Era and CE Common EraoNBThere is no Year ZerooC14 dating defined as before 1950 CE Before present3 systems used in Mesopotamia th1King Lists 12 year of Nabonidus2Events year when Uruk and Isin were conquered3Limmu system named after high officialsMesopotamian dating systems have been correlated with the Common Era system based onndoClaudius Ptolemys 2 cent CE king list with astrological observationsoOther references to astronomy Eclipses etcoCorrelation with other dating systemsGreeks Olympiad 776 BCERomans Founding of Rome 753 BCESeleucid Era 311 BCEArchaeology The study of people in past societies through the retrieval and analysis of artefacts
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