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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Jessica Higgins

Ancient Mythology Lecture 2 notes - Hercules; legend; superhuman or divine power, still human - jack and the beanstalk; folktale; normal human beings, the person ends up learning some sort of moral, and reversal of fortune - god of war 2; divine myth; story of the gods, god central character sources of myth - oral tradition; theres going to be different branches of each myth because its word of mouth - literary works take their structure from these. Literary work has only one author, may introduce variations; once a writer writes something down, to make it their own they have to emphasize points and bring in their own morals, what points will they downplay - archaeological record; all allow us to see what myths would have been like in cultural context 4 examples - judgment of paris; gods Athena Aphrodite judged by who is most beautiful judged by prince - Dionysus and the pirates; made of little tiny pieces of tile made into designs and pictures - little Heracles; literary source of myth; portrait of Heracles as a little boy development of classical myth - myths change with times to suite the needs of the people at the time - some features of myth took form much before the classical period, can be traced up to 100000 years ago -> primordial past; just as the human culture was beginning to develop - oral composition; how myth was transmitted how it might have evolved; Parry and Lord studies; important; did work around 1920s, focused work on oral composition of Serbian folk singers - Mesopotamian culture flourished between rivers the beginnings of greek myth - many figurines found with exaggerated sexual characteristics -> to enhance fertility - fertility statues; catal huyuk-pg 52
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