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Classical Studies
Katherine Blouin

CLAB06: Lecture 11 “The Age of Constantine (305-361 AD)” Dissolution of the Tetrarchy and the Rose of Constantine - 305; Diocletian & Maximian resignations and their two Caesars become Augusti (Galerius and Constantius Chlorus) - One of the two new Augusti (Constantius Chlorus) died of natural causes in 306 o As a result there were 3 contenders vying for position as Emperor - Consantine ended up winning who was to be Augusti though a meeting - At the battle of the Milvian bridge when Constantine was battling against a pretender to his throne of emperor named Maxentius in 312 AD , he is said to have an epiphany of Christ on the battlefield - During this point the Tetrarchy was dissolving and reverting back to a sole emperor rule situation - In 324 the whole tetrarchic system was gone and Constantine’s reign began - Constantine’s reign (324-337) Constantine’s Reign Military - Development of a mobile field army; interior peace and order was emphasized - Infantry on the borders Administration - Complexification and hierarchization - More military/civil separation - Praetorian prefect=civilian duties o Responsible for prefectures o With Constantine the Praetorian guard loses it’s military aspect all together and more about civil society Religion - Follower of Sol invictus - Sympathy for and conversion to Christianity - 312: Milvian bridge battle = epiphany - 313: an edit of toleration towards the Christians - For the first time, now we will see a mingling between the state and the church because churches became legal entities o First emperor to intervene in the church’s affairs - Donastis controversy (lapsi) o 2 councils (313: Rome and 314: Arelate) - 337: baptism before his death Urbanism - Founded Constantinople (formerly known as Byzantium); it is
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