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Lecture 1, intro

Diaspora and Transnational Studies
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Hugh Mac Donald

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DTSB01 – lecture 1
boundaries are destructive
people move & reconstruct ideas where they move to
partition [creates new identities around the new formation]
diasporas affect the way communities are formed
an immigrant adheres social norms diasporic population retains a tie with their
culture and is reproduced
* economic persecution
cultural attachment to origin increasingly strong, but ‘old’ elements of country of
origin changes continuously
government labels immigrant population as a diaspora for economic interest
(tourism), return, influence politics (forming lobby groups)
what is needed to identify a diaspora
1.idea of home & 2. Conception of a space away from home
providing security to the homeland (e.g. USA after 9/11) uses legitimacy for the s
tates actions (just like Hitler in WWII)
territory + boundary = a country
after living apart from the country of origin for several generations, beliefs and
ties fade
multiculturalism = a policy that deals with th English and French
-> reasonable tolerance
Diaspora – the inability at home
Transnational – the possibility to return home and maintain links and ties (travelling)
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