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Economics for Management Studies
Jack Parkinson

ECMC48Lec 0102Money and BankingSummer 2012Instructor Contact InformationInstructor Jack ParkinsonEmail parkinsonutscutorontocaOffice IC284Telephone 416 2877339Course website See the UTSC IntranetOffice hours TuesdaysThursdays 1130 am1230 pmClassLection Section 01 Wednesdays911 am in IC208 Lection Section 02 Wednesdays 122 pm in IC208Course DescriptionThe study of money and banking is essentially the study of the role and function of monetary aggregates in the economy and the study of financial marketsthat is the money bond and stock markets and their interrelationships The effects of the financial system on the economy are determined by the institutional framework under which that system operatesWe will look at how government institutions and regulatory bodies influence the behavior of financial institutions financial market participants and thus attempt to learn the interplay among the financial system the monetary authority Bank of Canada and government economic policies and their effects on economic activity as a whole This course therefore develops a keen understanding of the financial system in Canada as well as in other major developed economies and the very important link between that financial system and the rest of the economyPrerequisitesPrerequisite ECMB05H3 or ECMB06H3 Exclusion TextbookRequired Course Materials thThe Economics of Money Banking and Financial Markets 4 Cdn Edition 2011 By MishkinSerletis Pearson Addison WesleyManagement 1265 Military Trail Toronto ON M1C 1A4 Canadawwwutscutorontocamgmt1
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