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Lecture 8

EESA06H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Geologic Time Scale, Radiometric Dating, Decay Product

Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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EESA06- Lecture 8- Geologic Time
Key Terms
Strata layers of rock
Stratigraphy the study of the arrangement of rocks in time
Relative age vs absolute age
Accommodation need of subsiding crust to accumulate sediments (uplift erosion, removal
of sediment rock)
Conformable succession where layers of rock sit on each other without big gaps
Unconformable succession where layers sit on each other with incomplete gaps
Index fossils and faunal succession fossils that dissolve very quickly
Brittle failure of rocks to form faults rocks breaking
Plastic deformation of rocks to form folds
Dip and strike
Isotope dating using unstable radioactive isotopes radiometric dating
Parent isotope (e.g., U238 and daughter product (e.g., Lead Pb) breaks down with radioactive
Half life time needed to reduce the original amount of any one radioactive isotope by half
The geologic timescale
Relative Age of Rock Layers
Plutons intruded into the rocks massive bodies of granite
Disconformities mark pauses in sedimentation within an otherwise conformable
succession of strata
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