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EESA06H3 Lecture Notes - Mid-Ocean Ridge, Mantle Convection, Frederick Vine

Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Lecture 1- EESA06
oPan: all together
oGea: like geo, geology
oPangea broke apart, there was no Atlantic Ocean until Pangea broke off
Continents dispersing and can predict with accuracy of weather
Some called it Amasia
Pangea breaks up and all the bottom of oceans form
Break up of super continents happens about every 400 million years
Stratigraphy: putting rocks in their relative age, may not know their absolute age
oPutting rocks in relative and can find out earths evolution era
Some argue that Atlantic Ocean just beginning to stop widening
oAt phase where continents disperse as far as they can go and they stop moving
Vector: direction of movement and velocity
oVelocity: moving about 3.5-3.7 cm every year
Earthquake prone area in Canada: BC, St. Lawrence, Ottawa, along West coast is active plate
margin, we are moving Southwest
More people living in big cities, increase risk of natural disasters, having greater effect on the
oWe are more exposed
Geophysics equipment: used to see whats underwater
Derrick: drilling tower
Paleo: old
How planet Earth Works: Plate Tectonics (Chapters 1 and 2 in textbook)
Key concepts for first two quizzes:
Formation of planet Earth 4, 500 million years before present
continental drift and Pangea: 1912 (Alfred Wegener)
Sea floor spreading: 1960 (Harold Hess)
Magnetic stripes on ocean floor and wander paths for continents: 1965 (Fred Vine)
Mind-ocean ridges and hot spots: 1965 (Tuzo Wilson)
Plate tectonics and Wilson Cycle: 1967 (Tuzo Wilson)
Ancients Greeks first people to say that Earth surface move around
Wegener first person to say that Earth surface move around
oCraters on Moon results of meteorites
oContinental drift: drift of continents
oNo one believed him
oIt was rejected as an idea- how can solid rock move around
oNot until WW2 when people started to figure out what was on ocean floors- submarines,
There are mountain ranges in ocean floors and they are active volcanoes
Idea that ocean widening as result of volcanic activity- Hess
oPushing continents around
Wilson: put all information together and figure out plate tectonics
Continental drift: continents moving around (historic term)
Plate tectonics: continents embedded into bigger plates and its the plates that are moving
When Earth was still gaining mass and growing as result of meteorites, no oceans, it was called a
lava ocean
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