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14 Apr 2012
*LECTURE 1 Environmental Health
Our environment is our health. Our genetics are not from environment but still a health
Social agents can also be known as cultural agents.
Human alteration
1) Atmosphere
2)Geosphere: example through mining
3) Biosphere: Example clear cut of forests interfere with normal activities of humans and
others species, leading to extinction. Through industrialization, overpopulation and
overconsumption. More people, more waste, affects human health.
How do we know that our health is affected? We can look at status of other species,
which reveals about our own health. Eg, frogs, they are declining in population. Why?
There are several possible reasons including, increase of UV, increase of toxic
chemicals, infections, predators. They all could be the reason.
For many decades, diarrhea and respiratory infections were on the top of list of
diseases but now its changing. in developed countries now there are cardiovascular
diseases, diabetes is climbing.
Types of Hazards
1) Chemical hazards: chemicals in air, water, soil, food, pest ices, herbicides, etc
2) Biological hazards: viruses, parasites, poisonous hazards etc
3) Social hazards: second-hand smoke ( first hand smoking is not an environmental
factor), drugs, drinking, driving, poor diet, poverty etc
4) Physical hazards: Radiation, fire, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake
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