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Environmental Science
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Lecture 1: I didnt get the beginning because me and my friend came late and we didnt
know if we were getting the slides so we were busy copying the beginning down. Later
someone told us that she is going to put it up the next day so we were only able to get this
much of it.
Pessemestic View:
Eg. Animals, microbes and fungi
Optimistic View
Eg. Chemicals,
There is an evidence of the global pollution and global environment health
There were a lot of issues and documents published regarding environmental health
A lot of toxin components regulated regularly (poison base)
Political decision
Sources of anogi ( how to reduce fossil fuel)
Alternative choices of anogi were discussed
Transportation system was discussed in terms of reducing emission
Water problems were a global issue
Spirit and economic recession
Pollution in less-developed countries:
No safe areas or areas for the community to get together and socialize
Average age of people in slums is decreasing
Another source of pollution is air pollution which consists of many pollutants which
is really dangerous for peoples health especially children
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