ENGB30H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Hippomenes, Homeric Hymns, Tithonus

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17 Nov 2016

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Classical Myth and Literature
Lecture 6: The Gods: Female Deities
Preoccupation with Honour
- Positive: desire for excellence, dominance and recognition
o Minerva confers honour among others
o Venus
Her role in the story of Pygmalion (Ovid 336-337)
In opposition to the women who don’t believe in
Venus’s divinity, Pygmalion does
Pygmalion wanted to make a humble request of Venus,
and Venus grants it
Punishing Hippomenes and Atalanta (Ovid 354-355)
When (ippomenes and Atalanta don’t thank Venus for
her role in them coming together
She punishes them by turning them into lions
- Negative: Harshly punish others for offending or dishonouring them
o Latona and Niobe
Nirobe’s offences against Latona
Sacrilege- denial of Latona’s divinity
o Niobe’s words Ovid -185)
o Latona’a interpretation Ovid 
o What Niobe says is close to sacrilege
Insult- bragging of her  children versus Latona’s 
o Niobe’s words Ovid 
o Latona’s )nterpretation Ovid 
o Minerva and Arachne
Arachne’s Pride (Ovid 178,179;182)
Minerva warns Arachne (Ovid 178)
Emphasis on Arachne’s humble origins Ovid 
The scenes depicted in the weaving contest
Minerva: The gods’ authority and the fate of proud
humans (Ovid 180-181)
o Highlights how great the gods are
o Believes humans have been arrogant
Arachne: The gods’ crimes Ovid -182)
o Looks at the philandering of Jove
o Much more invested in showing the negatives of
the gods
Narrator’s evaluation of the works Ovid 
Minerva’s )ntervention Ovid 
o Diana and Actaeon
Acteaeon’s offense Ovid 
Diana’a response Ovid 
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