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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

ENGB31_March11 Essay due April 1 – 6 pages minimum  Requirements and expectations posted online  Should talk about how the text works as a text King Solomon’s Mines cont’d… - Adventurer: “1. A gamester. Rare. Only in L15 2. A person who seeks adventures; esp. a mercenary soldier. E16. 3. A person who undertakes or shares in commercial adventure; a speculator. E16 4. A person who live by his or her wits.” (OED) - Adventure: “7. A pecuniary risk, a venture, a speculation, a commercial enterprise” (OED)  Quatermain does it for the money but mainly for his son  Not economic adventurer  Economic treasure hunt  Map & land o Racial symbols of the land Umbopa P42-44  “Sir Henry told me to ask him to stand up. Umbopa did so, at the same time slipping off the long military great coat which he wore, and revealinghimself naked exept for the moocha round his centre and a necklack of lions’ claws. Certainly he was a magnificent-looking man; I never saw a finer native. Standing about six foot three high he was broad in proportion, and very shapely. In that light, too, his skin looked scarcely more than dark, except here and there where deep black scars marked old assegai wouds. Sir Henry walked up to him and looked into his proud, handsome face. ‘They make a good pair, don’t they? Said Good; ‘one as bis as the other.’”  cont’d.. with dialogue with Sir Henry & Mr. Umbopa o “‘I like your looks, Mr Umbopa, and I will take you as my servant,’ said Sir Henry in English Umbopa evidently understood him, for he answered in Zulu,’It is well’; and then added, with a glance at the white man’s great stature and breadth, ‘We are men, thou and I’”  What are the dynamics of this scene? o superiority -> the other is the ideal; white man represents manliness o masculine bond of the two of them o Umbopa is asserting their equality o European authority  P 9 o “I never saw a finer-looking man, and somehow he reminded me of an ancient Dane”; “a king of white Zulus” o Quatermain is the “translator”  everything comes through him The Map and the Landscape  maps and power: “naming, or in almost all cases, renaming spaces in a symbolic and literal act of mastery” (Bill Ashcroft)  How is the landscape depicted o Filling up the gaps of the map through fantasy rather than reality o Visually, has a cross-like shape  Symbolizing leading to their “death” o Symbolizes that not everyone makes it all the way  Passing of the point of Sheba’s breasts o Very sexual  Penetrating through the jungle  Conquest to “achieve” and cross Sheba’s breast o P77-78  …glittering like silver in the early rays of the morning sun, soared Sheba’s Breasts; and stretching away for hundreds of miles on either side of them rant eh great Suliman Berg. Now that, sitting here, I attempt…These mountains placed thus, like the pillars of a gigantic gateways, are shaped after the fashion of a woman’s breasts, and at times the mists and shadows beneath them take the form of a recumbent woman, veiled mysteriously in sleep… to describe the comprehensive grandeur of that view is beyond my powers. There was something so inexpressibly solemn and overpowering about those volcanoes – for doubtless they are extinct volcanoes – that it quite awed us.”  feminized and eroticized landscape -> allows the
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