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ENGB31 Lecture Notes - Tyrant, Quixotism, Assegai

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Natalie Rose

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Essay due April 1 6 pages minimum
Requirements and expectations posted online
Should talk about how the text works as a text
King Solomon’s Mines cont’d…
- Adventurer: “1. A gamester. Rare. Only in L15 2. A person who seeks adventures;
esp. a mercenary soldier. E16. 3. A person who undertakes or shares in commercial
adventure; a speculator. E16 4. A person who live by his or her wits.” (OED)
- Adventure: “7. A pecuniary risk, a venture, a speculation, a commercial enterprise”
Quatermain does it for the money but mainly for his son
Not economic adventurer
Economic treasure hunt
Map & land
o Racial symbols of the land
“Sir Henry told me to ask him to stand up. Umbopa did so, at the same
time slipping off the long military great coat which he wore, and
revealinghimself naked exept for the moocha round his centre and a
necklack of lions’ claws. Certainly he was a magnificent-looking man; I
never saw a finer native. Standing about six foot three high he was broad
in proportion, and very shapely. In that light, too, his skin looked scarcely
more than dark, except here and there where deep black scars marked
old assegai wouds. Sir Henry walked up to him and looked into his proud,
handsome face.
‘They make a good pair, don’t they?
Said Good; ‘one as bis as the other.’”
cont’d.. with dialogue with Sir Henry & Mr. Umbopa
o “‘I like your looks, Mr Umbopa, and I will take you as my servant,’
said Sir Henry in English
Umbopa evidently understood him, for he answered in
Zulu,’It is well’; and then added, with a glance at the white
man’s great stature and breadth, ‘We are men, thou and I’”
What are the dynamics of this scene?
o superiority -> the other is the ideal; white man represents
o masculine bond of the two of them
o Umbopa is asserting their equality
o European authority
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