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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

L01 - Major global issues - Global climate change: carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere, overall increase in the worldglobal temperature - Loss of global biodiversity: things we are doing to affect habitat, organisms. Genetically modified foods and agriculture, mutations in the environment as a consequence of environmental degradation - wildlife, people, biolife - Ozone layer depletion: O3; what blocks out UVD radiation - Natural disasters: occurrence of severe weather - Global pollutant dispersal: mercury moves around in the environment (atmospheric pollutant) - Water security: regional, rain, freshwater resources (strains) - Alberta oil sands: energy - National economic dependency on natural resources: oil, forestry, minerals drive our economy - how to make it something we can continue to do or make changes Toronto issues Waterfront development: Smog: pollution on top of the city affecting climate conditions Tragedy of commons - Carrying capacity - Open up resource - high likelihood for users to pull up resources for as long as they can as MUCH as they can how our environment works, policies, consequences psychological urge to grab as muchquickly as they can - L
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