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Environmental Science
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Carl Mitchell

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L04 Eutrophication: the process of nutrient over-enrichment, blooms of algae (consuming bacteria and .. needs lots of oxygen - leaving none for fish), increased population of organic matter, and ecosystem degradation Red Tide - harmful (toxic) algae phytoplankton - micro algae (din flagellates and diatoms) can release toxic substances - Harmful algae bloom (HAB) - natural, but can be triggered by nutrient pollution - leads to fishshellfish poisoning or toxin accumulation - passed to humans Phosphorus cycle - in lithosphere - mined and brought out to atmosphere - key component of cell membranes, DNA, ATP (energy) - limiting nutrient for autotroph growth - restricted to lithospherehydrosphere - chemical cycling driven by: solubilization, precipitation, assimilation, decomposition human alteration - mining of phosphorus-bearing rocks for fertilizer production - wastewater, sewage discharge - eutrophication via over-fertilization (mainly freshwater) - use of phosphate detergents -- mercury cycle operates interpe
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