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Lecture 4

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 4 y Nutrients affect decomposition and have large effects on NPP y Green is algae y Large algal blooms from run offs in coastal areasy Tempmoisture play a role and go hand in hand with oxygen y Decompose quickly when exposed to oxygen y If you put berries in water cut oxygen supply you have different bacteria that works on chewing up carbon and decompose slowly y Slow carbon breakdown is good y Carbon credit supposed to be something you buy that sets the amount of carbon you are using y Taking a flight releases tons of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is put in the areay Induce growth of plants and trees y A tree lives on average for 100 years Some live 1000 years After a tree dies it decomposes and carbon that it accumulated during its life goes in the atmospherey Energy coming in and going out y For the most part it is a closed system y CO2 continuously being cycled between atmosphere and biosphere and maybe little accumulation in lithosphere and then it is burned and goes in atmosphere and biosphere Continuous cycle y Matter circulated between pools and reservoirs which are like the same thingy Ocean has a large pool of carbon in it y Movement between ocean and atmosphere of carbon How much moves per time from ocean to atmosphere or vice versa is a flux Not necessarily stable although some are y When TR changes it can be bad for environmenty Drinking water bottle over an hour TR of water in the bottle isnt an hour it is half an hour because the average amount of time the water molecule stays not whole time y What the biggest reservoir of carbon on earth is What is the biggest flux of carbon Smallest flux y Everything in black is a reservoir number y Different pools sedimentary rock pool biggest pool on earth for carbon Most carbon is trapped in sedimentary rock Example of SR is limestone made of calcium carbonate Stuck and trapped beneath earths surface Everything in red is a flux Movement of carbon from one reservoir to anothery At top in atmosphere there is a certain amount of carbon y Change in size of pool per year Atmosphere carbon pool is growing at a rate of 32 thousands or mega grams per year which is a lot
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