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Lecture 2

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06Lec2 y More image than text y 4x3 ft poster y Moho refers to the base of the crust y Underneath that is asthenosphere weak sphere y Crust and asthenosphere is what we talk about when we explain the process of plate moving ySlippery stuff enables plates to move around y Geophysics application of physical principle to the earthy Earthquakes generate energy y Surface along which the blocks have moves is called fault plane y Fault is no more than a break in the crust y Surface on which the blocks are moving y When the blocks move it creates energy and you feel an earthquake y Focus is where energy is released y Cliff a bluffy Seismic risk assessment is trying to identify what dangers there are to a community because of an earthquake y Jakarta Tokyo Istanbul are all built near major fault y Morphological is surface expression of faults y Morphology is study of shapesy Seismic waves are the energy produced by abrupt movement along the faultsy Some faults are said to creek continuously and they are okay because they are always releasing energy Most faults are locked and then they snap y Body waves go all the way down through the earth interiors across the entire planet ySurface waves keep to the earths surface but go around the entire planet y P and S waves in body waves Primary P and Secondary S y Compressional waves are the quickest Supermanwomen of seismic waves P waves travel at 7kmsecond Move through materials through alterative compression and extension Called primary wave because during an earthquake they are first to arrive y Rocks are alternatingly being stressed and compressed y Second waves are smaller at about 5kmsecond Eg creating a wave with a rope y Seismograph is an instrument like a telegraph Seismogram is the record y Time lag difference between P and S waves is not much y As we are getting further away the separation between PS waves becomes greater
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