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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 8 y Shallow water that separates Philippines plate y Problem was these are vectors shows direction in which japan moved because of EQ shows how much it moved Moved 25 meters More than width of a classroom They are the GPS vectors the red line that shows where japan moved Japan moved east y What is being released The plates are locked and want to move If you lock 2 plates together you build up stress and the normal plate movement is 2 and a half 3 cm an year 25 m shows that you go up all that accumulated movement for how long Recurrent interval Thousand years That is the frequency You build up 1000 years of stress in the rock and it exceeds the strength of two plates locked together Japan goes east and pacific plate underneath goes west y Uplift of offshore area Minus 4 m from bottom No change in elevation Outline of Japanese coastline That is what killed people What is happening Vertical uplift You are tilting up the whole ocean floor just offshore Shoreline got depressed Tsunami that went to pacific was small but the one that went the other way because the crust came up and titled the other way was severe y Overriding plates come upy 120 MC Ch14 19 20 Lecture from today to the rest 81011 y Stratigraphy arranging rocks in age sequence If you want pre written records of EQ you look for layers of sediment Look for widely different locationsput them together in logical sequence based on their age y Greek strata which means layer We got layers of rocks How old are they y Ch1119 y When you come up in stratigraphy you get youngeryoungery Relative age dating y Correlating rocks that we see in one location with the rocks we see in another location Correlating over distance of 1 km or from what we see in Canada and Australia We do this as geologists Whole idea is to find out what the contemporary environment in Canada and Australia was Try to find out how the ancient environment was Try to put together paleogeography how the world looked like before y Thought that the Earth was created as we see it today and that Earth does have a historyy Terms to realize diluvium which translates into of a floor Rocks regarded as diluvium because they were deposited in Noahs flood which was thought to have created the dominant earths surface Creationist view of earth history y Archbishop Ussher Spent years going through the bible Scientific undertaking to get age of the earth through interpretation of the earth According to him it was 6000 years old This notion stood for a long time 6000 was a considered a short time Young earth
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