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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lec03rdJanuary 23 2012 y Uniformitarionism important concept French use the term actualism present day whats happening is guide in what happed in ancient past look at how volcanoes work and diff plate tectonics y Doesnt always work what conditions might cause it to break down 1 big bang 2 major meteorite strike y Catastrophic processes 1 super nova super volcanoes y Name a super volcano in yellow stone y Volcanoes ability to bury most of north America under ash y Plate tectonics assumption is that all the activity happens around the plate margins y Vertical tectonics huge amounts of magma comes up and erupts on the earth surface large igneous provinces lips o Important in Canada o Eruption iand magma released ash wut is in the magma water vapor sulphur gases toxic major eruptions which we call lipsy Riftscracks and the rifts widen into young oceans and modern day oceans closing up y Aulacogen Failed rift o Continental slab warmed from below o Trapping heat from mantle o Layer of cold continental crust o Rises in elevation called inflation o Interior of super continents are very dry o Super continents are not good in terms of diversity of life forms no range of life forms its dry o Splits and see a triple junction three arms to the rift o Two of the arms grow up and become active rifts the other one fails called a failed rift o Aulacogenrussia is where this process o Fill up with sediment through time o And they contain a lot of oil and gas o First places where oil and gas discovered o And thats why interest in the formation of these o If we resemble pangea these are the rifts where pangea decided to split up o St lawerence straight river lack Ontario eerie follow same trend they are sitting on top of same failed rift o Failed rifts assiociated with shift producing a earthquake o Present in all the continents producing intraplate earthquakes o This is why get earthquakes here we shouldnt they should be by the margin o Structuallry controlled by rocks that lie at depth
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