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Environmental Science
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1When you start at sea level one must use the Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate DALR This is because air will be damp and will pick up moisture but it will not be saturated and when it cools to dew point it will form clouds2Lapse rate used for descent is the Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate DALR This is because air will have had passed through the dew point after it has risen to its possible height creating clouds through condensation thus when it descends it will not be saturated Therefore DALR is during descent when air is not saturated with water 3Refer to Figure 14Table 1 Air mass temperature and moisture state at various elevationsTemperature Elevation mMoisture StateCSea Level220Unsaturated1 SaturatedCondensation10 x 101200LevelUnsaturatedTop of Mountain3835002Plateau2380 x 10Unsaturated5The precipitation will likely occur in the mountain area on the windward side This is because more water is available for evaporation on the windward
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