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thEESA06Planet Earth 2012 January 9 Five Part Series Tectoniceurope PacificriWest Pacific Rim Americas Along the Great African Rift Asia Collision zoneIf the super continent gets together we have one oceanEarth history is really the history of the oceanAssignment The assignment will consist of research and presentation of a printed poster at a thPlanet Earth Conference to be held in the meeting place on Monday March 12 in place of the normal lecturePopulation increase super cities may cause dangerous tectonics Pacific Ocean is dying oceaIts getting smaller and is disappearing and is being driven downNorth Magnetic pole will switch to South Magnetic polePangeaall the lands 1912 it was named First supercontinent identifiedPan means everythingLaurasiaGondwanaRole of Geoscience Conducting research into Planet Earth to secureCross section The law of super positionanything thats deeper is usually older anything thats on the surface its younger but thats not usually the case The Rocky mountains the rocks are bei
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