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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 10Planet Earth all the continents are constructed in a similar fashion Slide 1read properlygigaanam Gacraton is core of north American martime is added when pangea is forming western Canada added after pangea breaks up mostly sedimentary rocks added on Eastern and Western CanadaSlide 2blueis apalasian belt redcratonSlide 5zircons 27bysused for uranium lead datingcant say much about geological area wo knowing age of ageo new methodSlide 6zirconanalyze it to know how much lead is therehelp determine ageSlide 7Acasta Gneiss4bya oldest crust found in Canadawere only dating since when it was a gneisswas a rock before that too detritalhaving been derived from something else zircons originate in igneous rock then get weatherreleased in water become metaphoric rockgneissSlide 8 diagramoldest rock Napier Complex oldest rock in the middleo old rocks are embedded in the interior of continentsSlide 9provincerock that have extended over a long period of timeo broad areas characterized by similar properties but have sharp boudaries most common rock type found with orgengneissprovinces were microcontinents microcontinents collidedseparated by oregens Greenland was apart of the NA continents then separated about 80mya arcticaoldest NA landmass2527 bya nina Columbiasecond growth stage 3 basement rocks gotta added at this time 123craton cordilleranadded during the breakup of pangea 5 parts to NA geologySlide 10Lithoprobeo means probing rocks
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