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eesa09 Lecture#7

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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

THERMAL WINDS ***Most Important Lecture Land/ sea breeze -first wind is towards the ground, and the other is towards the top -land sea breeze is related to surface heating; whenever there is a temperature difference, there is pressure different, circulation associated with day-night contrast – Diurnal variation. -For Toronto: Land/ lake breeze -Daytime: solar radiation – extra energy which warms surface; air rises over land and moves toward the ocean, and sinks over the ocean. To complete the circulation the air that is sinking over the water body picks up the cool moisture and brings it back to the land mass. The breeze that’s coming from the water to land mass is much colder than the breeze that is going from land to water. -Sea breeze mitigates the temperature that you feel – colder near water. Sea Breeze Front -brings in localized precipitation because of the lake breeze/ sea breeze front -can cause convective storms -these fronts are much shallower than mid-latitude cyclones Nighttime: -Land cools/ heats faster than water. -during nighttime, the water body is warmer than the land mass; the air will rise from water, move and sink toward the link. To complete the circulation will move toward the water again. -This is called land breeze. Monsoon -local phenomenon on a large scale compared to land sea/lake breeze – in terms of time and spatial scale – continental scale phenomenon -Summertime, land is much warmer than water, so high pressure system over land. --Brings in huge amount of moisture towards land causing copious amounts of precipitation. Winter monsoon -land cooler than water; now air rises over water and moves and sinks over land. Large scale land breeze found. Winter monsoon is dry. Difference of monsoons in SE Asia vs Mexico: much more rain in former, because Mexican plateau isn’t as high compared to Tibetian plateau. -When there is a monsoon, it filters ground water storage and increases it in most of countries. -Rain lasts for weeks at a time -can be critical for crops, drinking water -other monsoons occur in Africa, Australia, South America Chinook -A Canadian term associated with Calgary -wind goes up during daytime, forms cloud and condensation, then there is rain (wind loses moisture) and goes over mountain re
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