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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09H WINDLecture 6 NotesOutline of this lecturePart I Polar Lows Primer What are polar lows How do they form Where do they formPart II Firestorms Primer What are firestorms How do they form Where do they formPart III Dust or Sand Storms Primer What are dust storms How do they form Where do they form Dust storms on MarsPart IV Research Long range transport of Saharan Dust Part 1 Polar lows Primer 11 What are polar lows Poleward of the polar front the division between cold polar air and warm tropical air storms can form These are referred to as polar lows Sometimes due to some similarities to hurricanes they have been called polar hurricanes or Arctic hurricanes12 How do they formPolar lows form when bitterly cold Arctic air which forms over sea ice or continental land surface moves over to much warmer ocean water This substantial change in surface properties is sometimes referred to as the Arctic front The contrast in temperature between the air mass and the ocean surface beneath is quite large By tropical standards the polar ocean is quite cold perhaps only a few degrees above oC warmer than the Arctic air freezing Nevertheless the ocean waters can be 20 to 40mass a stronger temperature difference than experienced by tropical cyclones Thus the air mass receives substantial sensible heating from the ocean surface below and this is the major driver of the storm This in turn induces vertical motion by convection followed
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