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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Study Guide

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

**not sure about highlights** Lecture #7: Biological Hazards and Human Health th Wednesday, March 9 2011 Biological Hazards Nontransmissible diseases: o Cardiovascular disease o Cancer o Diabetes o Asthma Transmissible Diseasesthrough infectious agents such as: o Bacteria o Viruses o Protozoa o Parasites Growing germ resistance to antibiotics High reproductive rate allow them to become genetically resistant quickly Overuse of antibiotics o Use without reason; bought without prescription in some countries Antibiotics in food additives to boost livestock o Thus, antibiotics present in meat products Antibiotic medicine only cures bacterial diseases Many diseases believed to be eradicated are making a comeback due to growing resistance to antibiotics Their high reproduction rate allows them to adapt and be resistant to antibiotics It also may be because diseases spread much faster nowadays due to fast travel all over the world Some insects also get resistant to pesticides Unknown microbesbacterial infections in cosmetics?? Cant be treated because no antibiotics for them especially in the elderly Bacterial Diseases Tuberculosis Tubercles bacillus = TB for short; caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis In 2004, mortality statistics included: o Approximately 9 million new cases very difficult to treat o 14.6 million chronic active TB cases o 1.6 million deaths, mostly in developing countries Differences in health care systems The rate at which new TB cases occur varies widely, even in neighbouring countries, apparently because of differences in health care systems Disease transferred through water droplets spit of ill persons: o Cough o Sneeze
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