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Lecture 5

Heavu Metals and Human Health - Lecture 5.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Heavy Metals and Human Health – Lecture 5 (February 8, 2012) Classification of Metal:  Class A – low toxicity but we don’t say it’s not toxic.  Class B – very toxic, not essential to our chemical processes  Borderline – needed in small amounts Mechanism of Toxicity Coping Mechanisms  Arsenic is to Bioavailability of Metals  Oxidize form of metals is usually less toxic.  Reduce form of metals are usually more toxic.  Highest concentration is in roots then in leaves for metal contamination. So corn would be best to grow. Mercury (Hg)  Very difficult to find it somewhere, maybe find it in thermometer.  Mercury is toxic in all forms (organic, inorganic).  Metal mercury is extremely toxic.  Mercury bio accumulates  How many times can you eat tuna fish can? Once a week and maximum twice  For pregnant women, they should not eat canned tuna fish and for children once a month.  If someone has been exposed to high levels of mercury – problems with memory lost and some kind of madness. Case Study: Environmental Impact of CCA Wood Preservative What are the Wood Preservative Production of CCA Treated Wood  Very s
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