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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Silvija Stefanovic

EESA10 Lecture 4 Monday, June 3, 2013 12:00 PM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: Cont'd from last week… • Drinking water from householdwells ○ Not designed properly, can contaminatewater ○ Overtime, gas corrodes ○ Noticeablewater □ Only owners can tell  Visible □ Water can be turbidbut not necessarily toxic  Tastes  Smells • How drinkingwater treated? ○ Purify water ==> the one we drinkis from Lake Ontario  Pumped ==> water treatment plants ○ Filtering - can't filter viruses, some chemicals (microscopic stuff)  System built onoriginal composition of water ○ Chemical treatment  Uses chlorine • Swimming water Chemical Hazards & Human Health • Chemical hazards ○ Endocrine disrupters (EDs)  Industrial compoundsmimic hormones  Hence disrupt  Effects - □ Direct effects:  Bindingto hormonerecepters  DNA altered □ Indirect effects:  Alters hormonethings (check slide)  DES □ Prescribed to pregnantwomen to those who had problems w/ miscarriages; prevents miscarriages  The children when becoming parents, they had problems  We don'tknow problem todaywhen exposed, we only find out years later  Health implications □ Check slide  Neurobehaviouraleffects □ Check slide □ It's child's behaviour □ PCBs □ **remember these weren't learned from human experiments, only animals but they still give info** ○ Chemical body burdens
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