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Lecture 3

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA10 Lecture 3 Write 23 sentences for each question in 1 For question 2 you can do a research but does not require referencing Read about the potential rootexplain that briefly Provide at least 3 referencesmore will do as well not more than one pagerd Discuss benefits and risks and take a side for the 3 questionth June 15midterm56pm at the gymWaterborne Hazzardliquid natural capitol the earth is water planet water covers 71 of earth surface Mostly salty water no species can do without water sculpting the earths surface Moderating climate exhaling air moisture so our atmosphere can be full of water removing and diluting wastes and pollutantswater can dilute pollutantsthe concentration is not high anymore Some pollutions dilute more and has less impact And wash out of some pollutants thus pollutants helps at timesRiver rain is changing the shape of atmosphere and water has a big impact Moderating climateno peaks not too low and not too high Withdrawal total amount of water removed from a river lake or aquifer for any purpose Some may be returned to the source for reuse Use about 54 of the worlds reliable runoff of surface wa
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