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HUMAN HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT Lec 7 Biological Hazards and Human Healththere are two types of diseases caused by biological hazards1nontransmissiblehas no particular vector to carry disease ie cardiovascular disease cancer diabetes asthma2transmissiblehas agent that carries the disease ie infectious agent such as bacteria viruses protozoa or parasitesgrowing germ resistance to antibiotics because people are taking antibiotic when they are not supposed and alsoit enters the food chain because it is in foodalso microbes mutate very quicklymake them quickly resistant to antibioticshigh reproductive rate allow them to become genetically resistant quicklyoveruse of antibioticsantibiotics in food additives to boost livestockantibiotic is only used for bacterial not viral diseasesthere are three kinds of biological hazards bacteria viruses protozoaBacteriaTubercolosisMedieval timesassociated TB with vampires as patients coughed up bloodcaused Bacillus bacteriamany forms of TB and Bacillus bacteriapeople in poor housing sunlight mould dampness poor nutrition and no rest have decreased immunitymore susceptible to TBactive TB with decrease in immunityin 2004 mortality statistics included 146 million chronic active TB cases 89 million new cases 16 million deaths mostly in developing countries differences in health care systems not a very common illness in North Americatransmissionscough sneeze speak kiss or spit of ill persontransfers from person to personmost commonly attacks the lungs symptoms include chest pain coughing up blood and a productive prolonged cough for more then three weeks fever chills night sweats appetite loss weight loss paleness and often a tendency to fatigue very easily
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