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Environmental Science
Maria Dittrich

EESA11 Lec 10 KNOW + possible questions KNOW:  Remedial action plan: 3 stages o Monitoring pollution o Setting goals, operations and recommendations o Remedial measures – seeing how efforts are working  Ways of pollution (be able to distinguish) o Point-source pollution – discharge of pollution from specific locations  Factory discharge, pipe draining into river, sewage treatment plants o Non-point source pollution – scattered or diffuse; no specific location of discharge  Air pollution (acid rain), Agricultural fields, feedlots, golf courses  o Atmospheric pollution – introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, etc. into the atmosphere  Plant nutrients and cultural eutrophication o Oligotrophic – bodies of water with clear water and low biological productivity o Eutrophic – bodies of water rich in organisms and organic material  Eutrophication – process of increasing nutrient levels and biological productivity  Cultural eutrophication – increase in bio productivity and ecosystem succession caused by human activities  Gold mining o Gold = most polluting metal that is mined o Heap leaching – mining process where precious metals ( such as gold) are extracted by pouring cyanide solution over the ore  Cyanide dissolves the gold or silver in the crushed ore; liquid is collected and the metals are extracted from it; cyanide is reused and the ore is dumped Possible Questions 1. What is water pollution? a. A change in the chemical, physical and biological health of a waterway due to human intervention b. Any physical, biological, and chemical change in water quality that
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