Lecture 1

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 1 y Hydrology been there for an extremely long time but not recognized until later y Darci made first mathematical idea on how water moves y Picture sand filter Mimic how water moves through the ground y Negative keeps system in equilibrium steady state y Steady state condition no change occurs eg when water stays at 0degrees consistent y Steady state equilibrium is when for eg 100 L water comes into a pool 100L also leaves y Positive feedback is necessary in environmental science y Climate change example snow pack melting Snow is reflective and white When sunlight reflects large portion reflected back into atmosphere If theres a dark rock beside it is less reflected lower albeito absorbs more energy and heats up and makes the snow pack melt more The more snow pack melts the more rock is exposed and this is done until snow pack is gone y Main source of water precipitation which goes into the Earth y PrecipitationEvaporationPE Cycle y If you have more E than P than in your system example lake then water level goes down
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