Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA05 Lec 3Citationname daterecord at the end under referenceQuiz based on chap 34 250 million in the future there is going to be a predicted super continent Pangea began to break up 250 million years agoWilson cycleswhen there are supercontinents Earthquakes use a lot of energy that go through the planet which are called body waveshow long they take to go through the body of the planet we can say something about the internal structure of the planet Plates are moved around by convection currents underneathInformation is collected about the earth s interior through deep drilling Russians hold the record for deep drilling for about 12 km 12 km is the physical limit to drillingWe can find minerals in the earths surface ex DiamondsWhen plates collide it is common for deep material to be thrust up into the earths surfaceEarth quakes occur rock are brittle they can only take so much stress when it reaches past the limit it snaps epicentre is the point rite above the focusfocus is where the earthquakes occurs fault planes are smooth surfaces where rocks have slipped it produced electromagnetic energy which propagates through the rocks as seismicblind faults a lot of faults are said to be braided a whole series of planes New Zealand is tectonically very active rite on the collision zone betweenBody waves primarysecondary Surface waves go around the surface of the planetthese do the damage to the buildings Primary waves 57 kmsec usually arrive first because it moves faster secondary wave 24 kmsecusually last wave to arrive If your close to the epicentreboth waves will arrive at the same time but if your away from the epicentre the primary wave will arrive first then the secondary wave
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