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Environmental Science
Ken Howard

EESC07 Principles including Darcys Law Lec 3 Sept.27 / 2010 - Specific Discharge (v) o (v) = Q / A  = darcy velocity  = darcy flux or  = apparent velocity o Does not represent a true velocity  True velocity will be determined by the open area and not the total cross-sectional area  Only small proportion of A is open area, the actual flow velocity is greater than v  Actual flow velocity = average linear flow velocity or seepage velocity  Porosity = percentage of pore space  Some of the pore space is not hydraulically interconnected – it’s not contributing to the ground  V (volume of voids) refers only to interconnected pore space v - Ranges in Values of Porosity o Sedimentary o Sedimentary Rocks o Crystalline Rocks - Total Porosity and Effective Porosity - Fracture Flow o As n approaches 0, q value also gets really small e - Element of Darcy’s Law o Individual elements  Hydraulic head  Hydraulic conductivity o Hydraulic head and the concept of FLUID POTENTIAL  Why does flow occur?  Ex) temperature  What determines the flow of heat to occur?  Differences in temperature  What causes the electrical flow to occur?  Voltage o What is potential  (as defined by Hubbert) “ a physical quantity capable of measurement at every point in a flow
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