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Financial Accounting
Douglas Kong

Bob Scott 45 Ellms Crescent Toronto, ON, M5D 4F2 Tel: (416)-534-4343 Email: [email protected] November 22, 2011 Peter Jagla Brookfield Place 30 Younge Street Toronto, ON Canada M5E 1X8 [email protected] Dear Peter Jagla: My name is Bob Scott and I a graduate of the University of Toronto and I have graduated from the business management program. I specialized in marketing and took various electives dealing with various situations related to marketing. My past experience has been working for MLSE( Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment), CIBC, BMO and now I am currently working for Deloitte. I have learned a lot from my experience as a marketing consultant and now I write to you today Peter about the problem that the Hockey Hall Of Fame is having with attracting people outside the GTA to visit the historic building where many dreams have been witnessed. Personally, I am a huge fan of Hockey and believe that I have some very good ideas in which we can attract many people outside the GTA. Attached is a communications strategy about ways in which we can work together to attract many people outside the GTA and Toronto. Best Regards, Bob Scott Introduction The objective of the communication strategy is to effect marketing channels such as social media to attract visitors from areas outside the GTAand Toronto. This communication plan will allow the Hockey Hall Of Fame to go about its day to day operations and at the same time have a dedicated team to target fans outside the GTAspecifically in New York and neighbouring states to visit the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Purpose The purpose of this communication plan is to coordinate between the Hockey Hall Of Fame and Deloitte to try and have a marketing plan through social media in order to target visitors outside the GTAto gain more visitors at the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Objectives The first objective would be to build a marketing team made up of people from the hockey hall of fame and Deloitte. Secondly, creating a synergy event such as going out to dinner and introducing everyone should create good chemistry for the team. Preparin
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