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Financial Accounting
Prof.Jan Klakurka

MGTD54 Thu. Jan 27, 2011 Wk 3 chp.4 Organizational structures slide 1 - Manufacturing plants organized in functions - Back office, legal, accounting - Silo behaviour - ABB market responsive - Country units held a lot of power, closer to customer units - Spans of control, accountability, attention - Control: numbers and names - Trading off between flat organization or one that has many levels - Flat pairs down overhead - Accountability = what FS numbers accountable for - Trade off between short and long term with profit and cost centres - Attention: what kinds of staffs have - How does it hold together holistically - Centralized vs. decentralized: depends of needs and skillsets - Centralized will give more efficiencies Conceptual Design slide 2 - What does it mean to organization i.e. transactionally focused - Data capture: transaction processing - Sensitivity analysis, budgets, forecasts NPV, whether to buy assets or not Design Options slide 3 - Operations grp reports to mngr, pres - Back office support functions, sales + cust. Focus www.notesolution.com
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