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Global Asia Studies
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Jin Park

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Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course and Modern Asia
A Korean Dancer
- Name: Seing-hee Choi (East Asian Names: Last name comes before first names)
- Born in 1911 to an aristocratic family
- From Early 20th Century
- First Koren woman of western dance
- How does it show/demonstrate modern Asian societies/society?
<Video Clip>
- Watched this clip to think about how and in what way does the figure illuminate Koreas
transition to modernity
What does it tell us about Asia modern society
Back to Lecture
- Throughout the course we’ll be looking at how the modern Asian society emerged
- An overview of MAS (modern Asian society) through a thematic exploration
- 4 themes:
Pop Culture
Gender politics
Visual culture and technology
Lecture-discussion format
- Lecture will have historical background (chronologies) as well as a thematic exploration during
each class
Tutorial sessions (starts on January 24)

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- Two unannounced quizes (in tutorial) worth 10% each (for a total of 20%) (5-10 minutes long
per quiz)
- Will be open-book
- will be MC and/or fill-in-the-blank
- Will be given at start or at end of tutorial sessions
- On Feb 14 (in-class)
on Week 1 material to week 5 material (February 7)
10 MC
10 Fill in the blank questions
=no essay questions
Final exam
- Cumulative
- Meant to test on the understanding of lectures, films screened in class and readings.
- Format:
10 MC, 10 Fill in the blank, SA question
Professor Jin Park: Office: HW417 Tuesdays 2-4pm phone: 416 287
TA Dr. Libbie Mills: Office: HW518 Fridays 3-5pm
- We don’t have a definitive time that we can claim certain countries became modern; it’s
not a homogeneous concept.

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

-Many asian counties transition into modernity overlap with various colonial rule
- Characteristics of modern society
A condition in which modern society emerged
- When, how and why did modern societies first emerge?
A question that we like to ask a lot in this question
When you hear modern society, what comes to mind?
How does traditional society differ from modern society?
Class ideas of what modern is: Urban (characterized by urbanization), technologies
(nanotechnologies), secularization, increased transportation systems, globalization, rapid
industrialization (late 1800s early 1900s)
Begins with industrialization, decline of feudalization,
Where did modern societies first emerge?
Western world (Great Britain, England)
A term that refers to characteristics of modern society
Defining features of modern society
Stuart Hall
Discussed that the emergence of modern societies involves 4 parts
By the dominance of secular forms of political power and authority
Kings, queens, church rulers being replaced by state leaders; the rise of complex structures of
modern nation states
Modern nation state:
State has a complex bureaucratic system, territories and borders
The rise of secular power in contrast to the previously religious power!
The rise of the nation state
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