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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Bunce

L0 7 Spatial un evenn ess 1. power of principle of com parat ive advantage - som e places are more attrac tive than others - locational advantages 2. tourism product cycle - less money to spend on luxuriesoptional expenditures, fewershort er trips 3. comp etition for least cost locations 4. Changing tourist tastes and behaviours - suppleme nted by alternative places Touri sm and sust ainable developm ent - not as educated Can tourism form the basis of sustainable development? fore ign investment, but also fore ign control and prof it - trav el com panies in the Nort h - still controls the mo ney generated from investmen t - form s in taxes and wages, rest goes back to the headquart ers (leakage) creates new emp loymen t but what kinds of jobs? - is it the type of employmen t that will generate enough income for spending in consumer good s - taxes to suppo rt public services builds infrastructure but increases local costs - facilities (w
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