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Geography of Global Processes

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Michael Bunce

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October 4th 2011 Manufactured Landscapes – Movie  Labour intensive – parts of the world where there is cheap labor (rural areas)  Factories much more global in their distribution. (Ex: China) Questions – Lecture Topics  Why are NIKEs made in Canada?  Why manufacturing systems local in scale?  What new patterns of economic activity has this produced?  How has this affected local and regional economies and societies? Q1 and Q2  Increased locational flexibility in time and space o From Fordism to Post-fordism, from spatially fixed to spatially dispersed assembly line. o Items not all from China. o Assembly line isn’t just what is being assembled in that area. May be coming from another part of Asia.  Global scale spatial separation of manufacturing operations.  Global outsourcing of material and components. Results in Global production and marketing chains controlled by TNC’s *Read Crewe article on fashion commodity chain (consumer) Who controls this? Transnational corporations o (Generally able to operate on a global scale) Supply and Commodity Chains  The network of facilities and distribution capabilities an enterprise uses to: o “Source” or “procure” raw materials (chemicals, grains) or components. o Transform the materials or assemble the components into products. o Deliver the products to customers (indirectly through
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