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Lecture 7

Megacities Lecture 7

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Andre Sorensen

Megacities GGRA03 Lecture 7 Why are megacities important? 10 million and above = megacities (current definition) Many cities are rapidly growing and soon will pass the 10 million thresholds What are megacities? more people competing for housing thus, property at the centre of the city become expensive if youre getting past carrying capacity (e.g. Mexico) then, water supply becomes a problem cities will start to sink if youre pumping up water faster than its being filtered or generated water supply is dependent at city size and technology infrastructure transit; one place where the megacities and smaller cities differ You dont have room to build the roads you need for transportation (solutions include redesigning: express ways BUT this system will reach its limit eventually) Scale makes a difference because of all the cars on the road Worse pollution is in the biggest cities Tokyo removed big diesel engines thus, limiting dirty fuel and pollution that causes health issues Governance: does not scale up so well for such big growing cities Ontario does not have incentives for a big enough government to scale up for the size of these big cities Special Issues of Very Large Cities
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