Lecture 2: History of an academic discipline

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Rajyashree Narayanareddy

Lecture 2 History of an academic disciplineReview of last weeks classRelation between space and placeGeographers are able to give a sense of what it is to think about abstract spacesKey point Differences of spaces are actively createdconstruction different structures sociopolitical effects how structures become builtYi fu tuanhumanistic aspects of spacesGeographys historyGeography does not emerge in a vacuumWe must pay attention to the sociopolitical and economic contextThis contextualized history of geography is the result of developments in the history of scienceoIdea of knowledge as a pure exercise of the mindoEconomic political cultural structures all influence the discipline of geographyoGeography is not something that emerges on its own emerges in particular waysinfluencesoWhat does it mean for geography to emerge from soceconcultural aspectsGeography and NavigationPrehistory significant advancement in the development of geography in places like China India PersiaIn Europe with the adventures of ColombusoLooking for new markets sea routes Colombus was motivated by these routes to find these new placesAdvancements in shipbuildingnaval technology gave impetus to geographyoTechnical skills navigation cartographyoDescriptive skills flora and faunaBoth geographers needed to have technical and descriptive skills Europes perception of wilder world changedEuropes self image also changesoDocuments of different lands to describe certain plants on where they areth17 centuryAge of enlightenment moral and religious transformation in EuropeoDescribing the different social and physical world oExploration has become available to a broader amount of peopleGeography also played a central roleHow so Questions of human development and advancement were posed and Geography was in a position to comment on the merits of different societiesGrand Tours also became prominent
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