Lecture 3: Nature and Society

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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

Lecture 3 Nature and SocietyReview of last weeks classRelationship between institutionalization and geographyWay in which geography contributes to the broader trend of the way we organize the worldnation statesDisintegration of the colonial empire and the emergence of the nation stateoGeography should be a regional science interested in thinking about attending to differences in space oFeminist point of view Domosh other kinds of exploration led by women were also occurring upper class women had to embark on these travelling problems Think about the partial telling of the recovery of the marginalized voices and the ignorance of other peoples livesGeography emerges through a violent history even though it is a field emerging of colonial and capitalism the way work is pursued now is to contest against those inequalitiesBe aware of the history of this violence pushing those violent boundaries NatureComplex term1Nature of something refers to variety but also essence sooNature of tropical forests are different from carnivorous forestsoSpeak to the question or essence of something different from something else2Nature areas altered by and external to human natureoNatural world part of our world that are conserved through the protection of government considered aesthetically valued external and pristineoAltered by the actions we participate in 3Physical world in its entiretyoThe entire world based off of humans and inanimate objectsLooking at nature is the way we attend to history as a whole marking the changes and the way in which production occursSmithOKeefeNature in social scienceoNatural science deals with nature social science does notHard sciences interested in the physical structure of the trees etcoSocial science studies nature but of a different kind than natural scienceoHuman nature is treated as external natureUp until now the way in which nature has been studied is different from natural and social scienceHuman nature treated completely different form physical natureConceptualized as binary opposites and separate physical nature external from humans Purpose of the articleoTo show relations of human beings to nature
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