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Jack Arn

GGRB05 WK06 June 10 Urban Transportation & Mobility I. Main points A. Introduction – the transportation is problematic B. Transportation changes in historical relief C. Post WW2 – demand explosion D. Mobility issue E. Essential problems F. Alternative approaches to solving problem G. Some economic principles H. variable relationship b/w transportation & urban structure II. introduction A. urban transportation and urban structure: close relationship historically 1. walking vs. driving car 2. separation of home & work place – suburbanization 3. car ownership – increasing mobility III. urban travel – demand feature ( A. since WW2) 1. more vehicles on road 2. longer distances travelled 3. more mileage travelled 4. increasing use of private car by more households 5. rapid increase in personal mobility B. all above  accelerated urban transportation problems IV. problems A. as result of post WW2 demand features 1. traffic congestion – impedes 2. public transport – crowded 3. public transport – inadequate 4. pedestrians – constrained 5. environmental – negative impact 6. accidents – increasing urban parking – difficult B. variable responses to transportation problem (somewhat historical) 1
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